Dr. Andrea Furlan and Amy Robidas (RN) have developed a new mobile app called My Opioid ManagerTM (MyOM) available for iOS (iPhone/iPad), and Android devices. The app is accompanied by iBook content as an educational and informational resource to help patients suffering from chronic pain understand and manage their pain with opioid use. The concept for creating MyOM App emerged from the successful use and feedback of Opioid Manager(TM), an application for clinicians prescribing opioids to use at point of care.

Content areas of the app were created with the goal of preparing the patient for upcoming consultations with their healthcare provider. Some of the topics discussed include: understanding the causes of various types of pains, uses of opioids and the side effects and risks, managing pain by tracking opioid trials, and tips on using opioids. MyOM was designed by digital technology partner,NetFunctional.

A key feature of the app is the high degree of interactivity with tools that allow one to create pain diaries, body maps to visualize and document pain intensity, track use of medications and treatments, and use questionnaire tools to measure changes in pain. The use of digital technology to help patients manage their pain is a step towards improving patient safety, and empowering patients to engage in joint decision-making with their healthcare providers and physicians.

The list of resources is selective rather than comprehensive. They contain links to websites that are not maintained by University Health Network.

My Opioid Manager eBook

My Opioid Manager eBook

Available for no cost, click on the link below to get your copy. Paper copies are available to purchase from the Canadian Pain Coalition

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My Opioid Manager iBook